Friday, June 4, 2010

The Little Boy

A little boy was busy pedaling his bicycle.

It was a new bicycle that his grandfather had brought for him.

The old one was spoiled and thrown into the dustbin.


The little boy shrieked and cried for attention.

The grandparents came over to help; more advices, coaching, and encouragement.

The little boy was comforted and started to laugh away happily.


The little boy didn’t know his parents were in the process of separation and divorce.

His father was unhappy with the mother’s constant nagging, lavish spending, and not doing most of the house chores.

His mother was unhappy with the father’s preoccupation with his work and outside activities, and his recent ex-marital affair with a girl from neighboring country.


His mother had brought him and his younger sister home to her parents’ house.

Then, after a week or two, his father would come, apologized to his mother, and brought them back.

This had happened many times.

But the quarrels were getting fiercer; more throwing of things; more shouting and crying, bringing more fear and terror to the children.


Parents from both parties tried to help but failed.

They insisted on keeping the family together.

The mother demanded more conditions; the father refused to comply.

And the rift in the relationship dragged on until today.


The young boy screams and cries, again.

His younger sister is probably crying too.

More sad stories if their parents can’t agree on the relationship.

It is just not fair.

But what is fair?