Saturday, October 2, 2010

They Are Not Merely Children!

Children are always brimming with anticipation and excitement. There are always things to learn and discover; there are always people to see and meet; there are always ideas to share and develop; there are always skill and ability to convey and express; and there are always feelings and desires to belong and build together.

Through observing, studying, and working with children, we learn many perfect lessons.

We learn of their never-say-die and never-say-quit spirit; we see their persistence, dedication, patience, achievability and search ability. We wonder why we give up quickly and lose hope so easily. A little more time, effort, willpower and precision is all we need to live, survive, thrive and prosper in this difficult and complex world.

We learn of their fighting, winning and team spirit; we see them coming together as one, cheering, spurring on, encouraging and whooping one another. We wonder why we can’t work as a team; be of help and assistance to one another. We tear each other down and apart. A little more kind, loving, caring, and tolerant is all we need to help and prosper one another.

We learn of their pioneering and enterprising spirit; we see them coping with adversity, adapting to changes and challenges, and remained focused and positive in their outlook and attitude. We wonder why we are so scared and decided not to try and venture. We refuse to step out of our comfort zone and we discourage others from doing so. A little consideration, contemplation, reflection, and deliberation is all we need to be more outgoing and daring in life.

Look at our children. They walk and talk together; they play and work together; they venture and try new things together; they laugh and cry together; they sing and dance together. Together we stand – a simple and powerful statement. A rude and arrogant loser and loner will never learn the joy, the pleasure, the comfort, the benefits and the need of coming together.

Look at our children, examine them, study them, and work with them.......

They are not merely children!

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