Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Rain Thoughts

It was raining heavily this morning. In fact, it had been raining since the previous evening.

I was sitting in the classroom, feeling cold and watching the rain, and deep it thought; the students were busy doing their studies, concentrating and flipping the pages, getting ready for their exam.

I had had a good sleep the previous night after the hectic workdays and the monotonous routines, probably because of the cold weather and the fact that I was totally worn out.

I love rain; rain always helps me to settle down, I thought to myself; somehow many things come to a standstill whenever it rains, I chuckled.

I had a close look at the road; it was wet with heavy drops of water, but it was clean and quiet; it really deserved a good rest after hours of heavy traffic moving about.

I looked at the trees swaying slowly with the cold wind, down an undulating and luscious green landscape on a steep slope.

The cold wind woke me up. I walked around the class, admiring the students as they did their last minute preparation for the exam.

I love the rain. Rain always slows things down, making me wanting to do things a little slower with deeper and better considerations.

I love the rain. Rain always calms me down, making me less emotional and less enthusiastic, but more thoughtful and rational.

I love the rain. Rain always brings along inspirations and new ideas, helping me to be more creative and able to see things in a broad new light, and discover new and better solutions to my problems and troubles.

I enjoy watching the rain patiently waters the field; it gives me great joy and happiness to see its tender care and love.

I enjoy watching the rushing of rain water down the big drains; it excites me and gives me great thrill to know that bad memories, phobias, and stress can be gone for a moment.

I love the rain. Rain always gives me hope for a new beginning. Everything is renewed and looks cool. It brings along a new day with a new meaning every time it falls.

It was two hours later.

The rain had finally stopped.

The bullfrogs had stopped croaking. The insects had started buzzing and chirping.

Pools and puddles of water were everywhere on the football field.

It is a new beginning for everything.

For a moment everyone forgets about the past and concentrates on what to do next.

It is always a new day every time the rain falls.

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Khaye said...

Wow! Really, I love rain as well... This post just made me want some right now... I love soaking in the rain!!!