Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Believe It, You Are Special!

I believe all of us are born beautiful, handsome and special.

I believe no one in the right frame of mind will deny it.

I believe it is our own bad perceptions that make us think otherwise.

I believe if we are fair to ourselves, we need to look at a big mirror some times.

I bought a big mirror in years past and put it up in my dining room.

And I couldn’t stop admiring myself in my big mirror.

And I can’t resist doing it now!

I may be fat but I still look alright.

I may be plain but I’m still good looking.

I may have a seasoned face with deep-set eyes, but I never once thought I am ugly.

Ugliness is in the eyes and mind of the beholder.

And I can’t stop people from telling me that I am fat, ugly, stubborn and old fashioned.

But I can always tell myself that I look fine, handsome, kind, and trendy.

Standing in front of a big mirror is really fun and good for the heart.

And it wouldn’t take long before I realize that I am okay and alright.

I take a deep breath in front of the mirror.

I tell myself to believe and trust in myself.

Soon I begin to feel peaceful and happy.

Bad perceptions, misconceptions, and outright disinformation can really kill the spirit as we go on in life.

And they must not be brought in to interfere with our journey of life.

No matter what happens, no matter what others may say, I believe and still believe that I’m handsome and special.

And I’m not going to let bad perceptions, misconceptions, or disinformation to interfere with my life.

I believe and continue to hold on to my beliefs.

I know soon enough I will be happy, as I stand in front of my big mirror and admire my fat body.


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May said...

Absolutely, We are special. God created us unique in his own image. Each of us is an original. Great post.