Thursday, November 25, 2010

How I Lost Weight

I told my friends I was too fat.
For years I had struggled with my weight.
Please help me, I want to lose weight!

Some friends told me fasting is good.
They talked about abstaining from food, especially meat.
They talked about taking various vitamin supplements,
Drinking plenty of water, teas and natural juices,
And eating only fruits and vegetables.
Some even emphasized tea fast,
Which revolved around herbal and detoxifying teas;
Some preferred juice fast,
Claiming that it could even help quit smoking!

I looked at them, very confused.
I shook my head, I don't like fasting.
Fasting means no food no drink!
And if I fast for too long,
It will weaken my system; I will die!
No, no...
Fasting is definitely not good for me.
I want to do this the safe way.

Some friends came by and said,
Just concentrate on enough exercising,
And eat in smaller portions every time you are hungry.
To these, I nodded my head in vigorous approval!

Exercising will definitely cut out carbohydrates and high fats;
Eating in smaller portion can definitely satisfy my hunger.
I thought through and decided on what I wanted to do.
And the best exercise for me was walking.
So, I walked about 5000-10000 steps every day,
Whenever I was free,
And when it was not raining.

It was not a slow paced walk;
I kept a steady fast pace,
It allowed me to sweat more,
And burnt more calories.
And I changed my diet too!

And here I am,
After 3 mouths,
I have lost more than 10kg!

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lee said...

i like this post! you are a natural poet. i will share this post with my fat uncle ha, ha, ha!