Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Giddy Head

I felt giddy when I woke up this morning.

It might be the wine I took...

Or was it the traveling on a hot day?

It was the 2nd day of Gawai, a harvest festival celebrated in Sarawak in the beginning of the month of June.

Yesterday was a day for visiting many relatives and friends.

I couldn't remember just how many houses I had visited. But it was really fun, meeting with long time friends and getting to know their families well.

I enjoy festivals and celebrations...

I enjoy tasting different types of food from different races.

I enjoy their rice wine too.

I enjoy knowing their customs and traditions.

I enjoy the different ways they decorate and furnish the living room.

I love rooms that looks spacious and with very simple design.

Of course, in every house I visited, I was very keen on the big screen TV.

I enjoy barbecues, especially where there are always some wine or beer to go round.

I don't talk much, but I love listening to stories and folk tales.

And my groups of friends are good in telling jokes and funny stories, and I always have a big laugh.

It was nice to hear from friends and relatives that their children are doing well in school, or are now furthering their studies in colleges and universities, both locally and abroad.

Time passes so fast; now that the children have all grown up.

Th traveling was hectic too, since it was a terrible hot day.

There were many vehicles on the road, and many were driving a bit too fast and a few were rather careless and reckless.

I kept my distance, but I still felt the pressure from sleepy eyes, especially when I was on the highway.

Today is going to be a day of rest.

Everyone in the family is now busy with their activities at home.

It is good to know that the children are having their own activities to do.

Tomorrow would be another busy day.

A back house relative is going to have a wedding celebration for his grand daughter.

My wife would help him in the preparation of food.

Villagers are invited; it is going to be a huge gathering.

There would be more food, more veggies and more animals to be slaughtered.

I love festivals and celebrations, many of them, and especially when in the company of friends and relatives.

But the cleaning up is terrible...

So also is the giddy head...

But it is nice to have a break like this some times...

Life can be quite bored.

Oh! my giddy head still hurts...

A warm shower would be nice...

And a nice cup of hot chocolate drink. LOL

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