Friday, May 27, 2011

How I Wish I Could Be More Selfish

Sometimes how I wish I could be more selfish!

I remembered when I was young and stubborn, how I always got what I wanted when I was possessive and dominating enough, and how other people would submit to me and listen to what I said.

I remembered as a child, how my parents and siblings treated me well, how they always entertained me and complied to my need and want. And I remembered just how I had manipulated them to have my way.

I remembered as a teenage boy, how I had persuaded and influenced others to do what I wish, yet very rarely did I allow other people to coax, cajole or force me to do what I didn't want to do.

I remembered even as a young adult, how I had always insisted, persisted and got what I wanted.

But when I was a mature adult, married and have children, things have become so much different after that.

Gone is the time to only please myself; most of the time it is to sacrifice and live for others.

Often I find parents busy with their children. Everyday is filled with activities for the family... and there is very little time for ourselves.

Sometimes how I wish I could be more selfish!

How I wish I could have some time to do things to please myself.

Oh! How I wish...

... I have a quiet corner to do what I want.

... I have the time to meet up with families, relatives and friends.

... I can start over again my favorite hobbies and interests.

Or just some time to enjoy a moment alone......

Oh! How I wish...

... For a moment, people can please me again...

... Maybe during the coming birthday.

Sometimes how I wish...

... Our family can be more considerate.

... And would not treat us like robots.

Oh! We just need a break...

... some time.

Oh! How I wish I could be more selfish!

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