Monday, May 9, 2011

A Bad Day

Everyone has a bad day sometimes. When it is our turn to have a bad day, we may get very angry or frustrated. We may even pose a danger to people; there is a possibility that we may hurt or harm others when it is our bad day.

Some of us are prone to say or do things that are not edifying, and are in fact harmful to others. When there is a tendency for us to do so, it is better that we move away far from people, and find some quiet place that we can do things alone.

It will be good if we can restraint our anger or frustration when we have our bad day. Having negative thoughts and feelings would only make our day worse. It would be better if we can continue to be positive and optimistic in our outlook and behavior.

Normally, our children and our spouse would be the first ones to bear the blames when something goes wrong. It would be good if they are understanding and can quietly bear with us when it is our bad day.

Everyone would want to claim that they are perfect when they are having a bad day. It would be good if we can be more tolerant and forgiving when someone in the family is having a bad day.

Sometimes there is no proper reason as to why certain people are having a bad day. It just happens to them; they are unable to control and contain their anger and frustration; they just explode and blame everyone around but themselves.

Having a bad day is not a license for bad behavior and ill treatments. In fact, it is a dangerous time when relationships are strained, when there is tension and conflict in the home, when children can feel unsafe and as a result become more aggressive, etc.

Are you having a bad day?

What are you going to do about it?

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