Saturday, May 21, 2011

Main Cause Of Concern

Unemployment and underemployment rates are more pronounced than before.

Food prices, school and medical expenses, and utility bills have escalated.

In short, the cost of living for the mass majority has become a great concern these days.

Everywhere, many people are feeling a pinch in their pockets.


The cost of fuel has also escalated dramatically.

Now, the cost of traveling has become another cause of concern.

Many still have their vehicle; some even have two or more.

And there are still those who have big SUVs and high-horsepower vehicles,

That consume lots of petrol.


Maybe it is time to have carpool.

Maybe it is time to switch to smaller and more energy efficient vehicles.

Maybe it is time to travel using public transportation like the train or the bus.

Or should we switch to motorbike, bicycle or just walk?

I don't know.


I am concerned about how to reduce the cost of traveling.

I am thinking on how to use our money more wisely.

It is really a difficult time to budget.

Many are trying hard to make their ends meet.


But it is something that we have to do on our own.

Time is hard, really hard.

And there is no one to help us.

But it is definitely not the time to give up.


There are many things that are of concern these days.

How about you?

What really matters to you?

What is your main cause of concern?

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