Monday, May 16, 2011

Judging People

Do you discriminate among people? Do you judge certain groups of people as useless, immature, stupid, unproductive, intolerable, worthless, or hopeless?

It is disheartening and repulsive to hear and know that some people do these things all the time to people they don't like, and they are happy and they brag about it.

I wonder why we can't be kind and loving to other people. I wonder why we need to be that rude, arrogant, or unfriendly. I wonder where is our sense of togetherness, warmth and companionship.

Do you think it is kind to say that all old people are senile and impossible to do things right?

Do you think it is nice to say all young people are thoughtless, insensitive, and selfish?

Do you think it is wise to claim that certain groups of people are especially noisy, obnoxious and rude?

Do you think it is alright to say all these people are delinquents and thieves and they're capable of the worst abuses?

Or all fat people are ugly?

All rich people are parasites?

All the black people are the same?

All the religious people are crazy?

All sexy people are prostitutes?

All homeless people are alcoholics, drug addicts, or have a mental illness?

I don't know.

I am just sick of all these statements.

And I believe they must be stopped now!

Every now and then, I would meet with people who are judgmental and love to criticize others.

I wonder why they are so abusive and how they can find joy in hurting others.

What do you think?

Do you feel nice in judging people?

Will you do that?


Star-chuu said...

It was disgusting if someone judged you. This people who loves to criticized need our prayer. "That God will open their heart to understand more the situation of every individual."

My prayer is my only armed in this kind of situation. God is the only one who can judged His people.

Thanks for sharing Yeo Kee. HAve a great day and God bless. said...

Hi Star-Chuu,
Nice to hear from you again.
There are always people around who cannot stop criticize others. Their hearts only have rooms for themselves. My prayer is that the Almighty may soften their hearts. Amen.