Monday, May 2, 2011

Fast And Careful Services

In this ever changing and challenging world, people everywhere are talking about fast and flexible services. We have fast food and takeaway delivery services; we have express bus and rail services; we have instant messages and file sharing services; we have quick house sales and specialist services, etc., and the possibilities are endless.

With so many places to go and so many things to do everyday, we cannot avoid making many quick decisions. We must learn to think fast and act fast, or we may lose our opportunities.

Opportunities come and go with more speed everyday, and they are not going to wait for you and me. We just have to think and act fast, and be ready with a quick answer, or we may miss a good deal.

But quick services aren't everything. We need to provide fast and effective services, or we may still lose our potential clients. We must think carefully to what we are doing, and pay attention to every detail; correct and timely services are very important to our businesses.

Some people said speed and time are money, and customers will be happy if we can help them to save on both. But I believe also in efficient and effective services; we must not fail to impress our customers with our accurate and quality services.

Some people are good with their quick wit. I don't see anything bad in this. In fact, the ability to think and reason fast is very good, since our daily activities involve many instant and quick decisions.

But a quick service isn't necessarily a correct service, and hasty solution to a problem may not help at all. We need to act and think carefully; any wrong decision may be fatal and may cause serious and dangerous repercussions.

It is good if we can provide fast and careful services at the same time. We must try to act and think fast, and not compromise on the quality of our work done.

Personally I would prefer a careful service over a fast service. Life is just too short to make many careless and silly decisions.

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