Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Ability To Survive

Everyone of us is born and brought up through different environment and social conditioning. We are made different and will adapt differently to situations and circumstances. Some of us are strong, smart, courageous, and confident; we can survive and thrive and live successfully in the every changing and challenging world.

We all have different traits and different ways of carrying ourselves, and they, in turn, have influenced and affected our performance and ability to cope with our lives and our emotions.

For some of us, it is the ability to adapt to changing situations. We learn fast and we grow fast. We think fast and we act fast. We are always there, ready to look for and grab every opportunity available. Sometimes we even create our own opportunities to succeed and triumph.

For some of us, it is our patience and perseverance. We are not the type who give up and drop out easily. We don't surrender, and we don't back down. We will fight until the last moment, and we will do our best; we will hold on and endure to the end.

For some of us, it is our ability to smile at the storm. We love challenges, and we live and work with them. We strive to learn, increase our skills and efficiency, and we turn problems into workable solutions. Come what may, we are here to stay!

For some of us, it is the readiness and decisiveness to nip the problem at the bud. We are careful, diligent and receptive to difficult and complex situations, and we are ready to deal with them before they run out of control, and often we are correct in our assessment and timing.

For some of us, it is the ability to take things easy, and not be too hard on ourselves. We are to take things one at a time, and we are to deal with everything carefully and wisely. We don't hurry through anything we want to do. We take our sweet time, and enjoy every step of our advancement and improvement.

For some of us, it is the willingness to work together as a team, the importance of continuing the family tradition, the ability to excel and to utilize our own knowledge to maximize performance, etc.

How about you? What do you need to survive, thrive, and grow?


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Thanks, my friend. Now is my turn.