Friday, April 15, 2011

Political Speech

I was listening to a political campaign.

The first few speakers were beating around the bush, and were not focusing on the main points of their speeches. Nevertheless, the crowd was listening faithfully to every word that had been said, and many responded with approval and enthusiasm.

The night was getting dark. More and more vehicles were arriving; headlights and taillights were flashing everywhere. More and more people were coming; of all age, gender, race, shape and size. It was getting noisier, over-crowded, and people were becoming more vocal.

Then the main speaker arrived, walking with style and grace. The crowd cheered and applauded, with slogans and shouts of happiness; their beloved and respected great leader had finally arrived.

The atmosphere was charged and emanated incredible enthusiasm. More and more people thronged to him, wanting to shake his hand, hug him, etc. He had all the charisma and personality the people love.

The crowd quieted down as he began to speak. He spoke with clear, simple, and short sentences, and he led the people with his speech, engaging and challenging them whenever possible. The crowd was thrilled and responded immediately and almost in unison. He spoke with convincing power, springing from deep conviction; he really controlled and commanded the crowd.

Then he made his move to another station. Many thronged to him again; a few hugged and kissed him, some cried. The crowd followed him. Some began to leave the place; they had come especially for him.

The crowd had thinned down. Other speakers began to take over, but the talks weren't that exciting anymore.

I left the place, greatly amazed at how powerful words can touch and change many people's hearts.

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