Saturday, April 9, 2011

True Love Doesn't Fade

Some people said, "Love is everything before marriage, but nothing after marriage." Others said, "Love is in lots before marriage, and is lost after marriage." What do you think of these?

Before marriage, we will do all we can to impress, and to make our future spouse feel special, to build him or her up, and to cater to his or her every need. We will do everything possible to develop love and to strengthen love.

After marriage, many of us will take our marital relationship for granted. Love will no longer play the major and the only part in our relationship. Now we will talk more about responsibilities, commitments, and hard works for the sake of the family. Now our love to our spouse will become secondary.

Some said, "Love fades after marriage". That is why many are reluctant to get married. They want a steady and unfailing love; they can't afford to lose a moment of love. Some married couples are also contemplating not to have children too early; they want to enjoy their love for one another, and not sacrifice it for the sake of the family.

Family's future is an important step in marriage. Some rush into it and try to have as many children as possible. Others do it slowly; they build up, strengthen the family bond, and enhance the family status in society.

Love after marriage is difficult; everyday has become a test of love for one another. It is time to be responsible to yourself and your family. It is time to help and assist one another for the betterment and development of the family. Family comes first, so is love for one another.

I don't believe love fades after marriage; I believe it will be strengthened all the more. Though we don't talk much about love, or express it in a formal and explicit way, but it is always there, and alive.

Some people need a family crisis to realize that they are still in love. But I don't think we need to come to that critical stage. But I do believe we need to find times to express our love to one another. Love is practical and goes beyond words after marriage.

True love never fade; true love lasts forever, even after marriage.


Goddess said...

I don't believe love fades after marriage. I do believe it can become stronger. But it must be achieved with dedication to your partner and balance as well. It must not become routine. Both must make time for each other and also still have lives of their own. Without some separate experiences, they have nothing to share when they are together. said...

Thanks Goddess. Those are beautiful words, and I agree with you. Genuine love will last forever.