Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Becoming Fishers Of Men

Mark 1:16-20

The Lord Jesus Christ called 4 simple Galilean fishermen from 2 fishing boats.

He invited them to come and follow Him.

When He did, they left their nets and boats behind to follow Him as His disciples.


His call to them was simple, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

This call changed their lives forever!

They were transformed into some of the greatest fishers of men the world has ever seen!


If we are going to become fishers of men, we must:

Follow The Right Person

These men left everything to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

They learned the truth that God doesn’t want anyone to perish.

They learned that the Lord Jesus came to die for sinners.

They learned that the Gospel message is to be preached everywhere to everyone.


Finish The Right Preparations

James and John were busy getting their nets ready to cast.

If we are going to be effective as fishers of men, we must be sure of our own salvation.

We must know what the Lord has done for us and how to share them with people.

We must pray and be ready for the Lord Jesus to use us when He allows opportunities to witness to come our way.


Find The Right Process

Peter and Andrew were casting their nets when the Lord Jesus Christ found them.

They were casting those nets all over the place trying to gather in some fish!

We are to share the gospel message everywhere we go!

We are to use every situation as an opportunity to talk to someone about the condition of their soul.


Fish The Right Places

Peter and Andrew were casting their nets into the water.

That’s where the fish live!

We have got to go where people are!

We must go into the world where the lost lives are and share the Gospel with them!

We are to get the message out into the world!

We preach the Gospel in the church, but we must preach the Gospel in the world if we would see people saved!


Furnish The Right Patience

The Lord Jesus said to Peter and to Andrew, “I will make you to become fishers of men.”

That statement is in the future tense.

It would take some time before we are to become fishers of men.


Let us get ready and go after the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let Him show us where to fish and go to it!

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