Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Beginning Of The Gospel

Mark 1:1-8

Mark’s desire was to present the Lord Jesus Christ as a servant.

His first sentence plunges us immediately into the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Mark called the Lord “Jesus Christ, the Son of God”.

The Lord has a human name called “Jesus”.

It reveals the fact that He came into the world to save lost sinners.

The Lord is also called “Christ”.

He will deliver His people from their enemies.

The Lord is also called “the Son of God”.

He is God in the flesh.


We will begin by considering the ministry of John the Baptist.


John And His Mandate (2-3)

John the Baptist came to this world with a divine mission.

He was to clear the way for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He preached and appealed to the people, calling on them to repent because the Lord Jesus Christ was coming to deliver them.


John And His Methods (4-5)

John’s Preaching

John came telling men of the need for repentance.

He came confronting sin and calling on people to repent.

He called on them to change their minds regarding sin.

He called on them to clean up their lives in preparation for the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He told the people that their repentance would result in God’s forgiveness!


John’s Practice

John baptized the Jews.

These people were being baptized because their sins had been forgiven.

They went to John and were immersed into the river Jordan to declare publicly that their lives had been changed by the power of God.

They were baptized to give glory to the God Who had forgiven their sins and made them whole.


John’s Power

These people made a break with their past and were changed by the power of God.


John And His Manner (6)

His Fashion

John did not wear fine robes.

He dressed like a man of the desert.


His Food

John lived on what the Lord had provided.

He was satisfied with the basics of life.


John And His Message (7-8)

The Message Of A Humble Servant

When John talked about the Lord Jesus Christ, he became very humble.

He told the people that compared to Jesus, he was a nobody!

He wasn’t even worthy to do the job of the lowest household slave.


The Message Of A Holy Savior

John also told the people that when the Lord Jesus Christ came, He would do a spiritual work in their hearts.

He would baptize their souls with the Holy Spirit.

He would take them, wash their sins away in His blood, and give them a new life.


John the Baptist was pointing the people to a Savior Who could save their souls, forgive their sins and change their lives.


John preached a simple message about a wonderful Savior named Jesus.

He preached a simple message about the need for the people to deal honestly with their sins.

He preached a message that those people needed to hear.

He preached a message that we need to hear as well.


Let us come to the Lord Jesus Christ, repent of our sins, and call on Him by faith.

The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will save our souls, forgive our sins and change our lives.

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