Thursday, November 17, 2011

He Has Done Everything Well

Mark 7:31-37

The Man And His Condition (32)

This man was deaf.

He also had a speech impediment.

But he had people around him who cared about him.


They heard that the Lord Jesus Christ was passing by. So they brought him to Him.

They believed that the Lord Jesus Christ could heal him!


The Master And His Cure (33-35)

The Lord Jesus Christ did a great work in his life.


First, He took him aside, away from the crowd.

He didn’t want to embarrass him in front of a harsh staring public.


Then He used a sign language to communicate His intentions.

First, He stuck His fingers in the man’s ears to let him know that He was going to do something about his deafness.

He spat on His finger and touched the man’s tongue to let him know that He was about to lubricate his speech.


The Lord Jesus is trying to awaken faith in his heart.

He was trying to get him to understand that something was about to happen in his life and that He was going to bring about the changes.


Then He looked toward Heaven.

This act served two purposes.

First, it told the deaf man that the healing was coming from above.

Secondly, it demonstrated the Son’s dependence upon the Father.


Then, He sighed deeply.

The sigh that seemed to say “I care about you and what you are going through!”


Then, the Lord Jesus said, “Ephphatha”, which means “be opened”.


When He said this, the man’s ears were healed and his tongue was loosed.

He could hear!

He could speak!

Oh, what a miracle!


One command from the Lord Jesus Christ and his life changed forever!

That is the power of the Word of God!


The Multitude And Their Confession (36-37)

As soon as the Lord Jesus Christ had accomplished the miracle, He told the multitudes not to tell anyone else.


He told them to keep quiet.

But they did just the opposite.

He told them to tell no one and they told everyone!


These people were overwhelmed with amazement.

“He has done everything well,” they said.

“He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

That statement was a statement of faith.


They looked at all that they knew about the Lord Jesus Christ and they voiced their approval of Him and His ministry.

They considered His miracles and His ministry and they said, “He has done everything well!”


The man met the Lord Jesus Christ that day and his life was never the same again.

Meeting the Lord Jesus Christ changed everything forever for this man.


The Lord Jesus Christ can do the same thing for any person who will come to Him today!

And He will do everything well!


Will you come?

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Karen and Gerard said...

Praise God for his transforming power in our lives!