Friday, November 11, 2011

The Lord Of The Little

Mark 6:35-44

The Lord Of Little Fears (35-36)

The people followed the Lord Jesus Christ to the other side of the lake.


The Lord Jesus Christ spent the day teaching them.


The hour was growing late.

The disciples came to the Lord Jesus Christ and interrupted His teaching.


They demanded that He sent the people away so that they could find food to eat.

They were afraid that the people would not be able to find any food to eat if the hour grew any later.


They were ten miles away from home.

They were in a deserted location.

They were in a place where no food was to be found.


The disciples were in the presence of the Lord of Glory.

But they didn’t believe that He could handle the situation.

To their eyes, the situation looked impossible.


They were not coming to the Lord Jesus in faith.

They were coming to Him in fear!


Our Savior is the Lord of little fears!


The Lord Of Little Faith (37-38)

When the Lord Jesus Christ heard the fears of His men, He said, “You give them something to eat.”


This command was immediately met with an expression of absolute unbelief.

This was a problem that was insurmountable!

It was an impossible challenge for them.


The Lord Of Little Food (39-44)

After their display of faithlessness, the Lord Jesus asked them how much food they had.

He told them to go and find out.

All they could find was 5 loaves and 2 fishes.


The Lord Jesus commanded the people to sit down in groups of hundreds and fifties.

Then He took the 5 loaves and 2 fish.

He lifted His face toward Heaven and He blessed the food.


He was not upset that the provisions were so meager.

He is not bothered by the small amount of food.


He took what was given to Him and He began to break it.

He kept on breaking and kept on giving.

And they continued to multiply in His hands.


He kept breaking and giving until every person in the crowd had no more desire for food.

Then, when the disciples took of the leftovers, there were 12 baskets full!


The Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of the little!

He took a little and made a lot out of it!


He can multiply the little that we have if we will just put them in His hand.


He will use us in ways we never imagined if we will only give Him our little.


The Lord Jesus was more than sufficient for every circumstance in life.


He is more than sufficient to take our little and give us a lot more in return!


Let us come to Him right now.

Let us put our little in His hands.

He is the Lord of the little!

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Karen and Gerard said...

I like this post--great concept! I love that our God is so creative and powerful that He has no limits on what He can do!