Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Better Man

I think if I could be born again, I probably would have repeated less of my present mistakes. I could be and would be more thoughtful, considerate and discreet before I make my next move(s). But, I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't make other grave mistakes since there are always new territories for me to explore. And the end results may not be desirable after all. So I ask myself again, "What should I do?".

I think I would rather stick with my old body/self and make a better of my remaining life. Pressing the "restart" button is not the answer for me. And who knows if there is a "restart" button for our lives? We reap what we sow. This is a fact of life, handed down from generation to generation. We just have to mend our way if we desire a better life. And it's never too late for us to change. Yeah! Bettering ourselves is the answer, and not keep restarting our lives!

I am pondering over a cup of steaming hot white coffee while looking at the light rain outside. Wow! Such sweet aroma! I take another sip... smiling at my sweet coffee...

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