Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Place In Heaven

It was towards the end of the Sunday morning worship service.

The preacher was sharing various reasons why Christians should celebrate. He talked about salvation, the abundant blessings, revival and reformation, the case of the prodigal son, the final victory of Jesus over Satan, resurrection and ascension etc.

It was a powerful and encouraging sermon. I was touched and moved. I jotted down some notes, hoping to gather, clear, and articulate my thoughts, and to piece together the gist of the sermon.

A voice came from behind. It is my good friend and brother!

"Have you booked your place?"

I tried to make out what he said.

"A place in Heaven?" I asked him.

He nodded and smiled like a wise man.

It was a difficult question for me.

I dug deep into my thoughts.

I recalled what I have learned. I recalled the doctrine of "the eternal security of the saint" or "the perseverance of the saint." It means "once saved, always saved".

So my direct answer to him was "Yes" and "No".

I have not booked a place in Heaven on my own.

But the Bible did say that the Lord Jesus had provided us a place in Heaven.

And for that reason I will celebrate!

Oh Yes! I have a place in Heaven.

I have known it ever since I first believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And that is enough for me.

We looked at one another understandingly.

"A place in Heaven?"

"Sure!" we answered from our hearts.

As long as we persevere to the end!

And we will!

God help us!

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