Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Lord Remembers Us

“Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem:
“This is what the Lord says:
“‘I remember the devotion of your youth,
how as a bride you loved me
and followed me through the wilderness,
through a land not sown.'"
- Jeremiah 2:2 -

Christ delights to think upon His Church.

He loves to look upon her beauty.

From all eternity His delights were with His people.

Many a time before His incarnation, He descended to this lower earth in the similitude of a man.

On the plains of Mamre (Gen. 18), by the brook of Jabbok (Gen. 32:24-30), beneath the walls of Jericho (Jos. 5:13), and in the fiery furnace of Babylon (Dan. 3:19, 25), the Son of Man visited His people.

His soul delighted in them.

His heart longed after them.

Never were they absent from His heart.

He had written their names upon His hands.

We may often forget to meditate upon the perfections of our Lord.

But He never ceases to remember us.

Let us chide ourselves for past forgetfulness.

Let us pray for grace to bear Him in the fondest remembrance.

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