Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Only Toilet

Some old story... Toilet over the fish pond.

It was a stilt toilet near to the edge of our fish pond.

It was rather far to reach from home, especially during an emergency, running carefully on a rainy day or night, through windy, slippery and muddy paths and lanes, filled with duck and chicken droppings.

The pond was filled with many tilapia fish, catfish, and a whole range of other fish, over a wide area of neglected land overgrown with bushes.

The fish would fill the water around the toilet when droppings fell from the sky. Jumping up and down for food, they emerged and submerged happily and quickly, splashing water everywhere, high and low, at times wetting my pant and trousers.

It was rather scary and crazy doing businesses during a heavy downpour or during the flooding season, when water rose suddenly, especially during late nights when mosquitoes swarmed to feed on blood.

But it was always a nice place to hide and to fish during the holiday seasons,... while doing businesses, with no one taking notice of you for a long long while... LOL


Some old memories just never go...

I smile heartily! But I am happy.

I wonder how many today would still prefer a stilt toilet by the fish pond.

But that is our only toilet and I am proud of it..

Though I would prefer a safer and cleaner one today.

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