Saturday, December 27, 2008

Be A Good Teacher

Every man is gifted. Some are more gifted, therefore more is required of them. Others are less gifted, therefore they should be taught more. As teachers, we must never give up on any of our students.

Give Every Student An Equal Chance To Learn

We are not to decide among our students, who are teachable and who are not. Who are we to judge God's creations? I was never a bright student but I had and still have teachers who have decided not to give up on me. I am who I am because of my teachers.

Give Every Student The Correct Knowledge And Skills

Our students' future depend on us. We must teach them well so that they are well-equipped to face the rising challenges of the world. If we don't prepare them well, their future and the future of our country will be at stake.

Teach Every Student According To Their Abilities To Learn

Every student is blessed with different capabilities to learn. Some learn faster, others learn slower, still others have difficulties even to grasp the basic facts of life. Nevertheless, they are teachable and we must teach them according to their abilities to learn. We must make sure that every student makes some learning progress. We are accountable to the society if we fail to do this task well.

Motivate Every Student

Some students lack the desires to learn. Others show open rebellions to learn. But let us continue to encourage them. Past experiences have shown us that many of our ex-students came back to express their gratitude to their teachers; to them, they wouldn't have been successful in their life if not for their teachers.

Some Reflections

I never knew the joy of teaching until I saw the fruits of my labor. As I look back, I realize that I am learning far more from my students. They are so true, so sincere, so determined in their pursuits of excellence, so inquisitive and intelligent in their search of the truths, and so wonderfully nice and kind. So let us reach out to our students, let us love and cherish them; let us prepare them, guide them and lead them to the road of success.

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