Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Be Professional Teachers

Amateur teachers teach for the love of learning. Professional teachers do so for the love of the subjects and students.

A Love Of The Subjects
  • Professional teachers devote many years of their lives to advance study of their subjects.
  • In the classroom, they share the love of their subjects with their students.
  • They are passionate about their ideas and the importance of their knowledge in their lives.
A Love For The Students
  • Professional teachers do not teach with ulterior motive but simply for the good of others.
  • They structure their assignments for the students' benefit. They do not dump difficult assignments onto students, but they provide students with increasingly challenging experiences. Classroom's activities are not hurdles to clear, but opportunities for students to grow and excel.
  • They take the time to find answers to their questions, and they arrange schedules to hold review sessions before exams.
  • They encourage students to progress and to persevere through difficulties, and they celebrate their successes.
  • They listen empathetically to students' concerns and when appropriate, refer them to the counseling center and to other services.
  • They always give honest appraisals of their students' work.
Are you a professional teacher?

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