Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Old Bicycles

In the villages, you will always see children and sometimes grow-ups using bicycles. In the cities today however, there are fewer bicycles.

That's my dream bike that I couldn't afford to have because of poor family background.

But my concern is the age-old bicycles of yesteryear.

Today, I have fond memories of them once again, partly because of my overweight. My main reasons I believe is its size, speed and power. LOL.

Riding a bicycle is fun and rewarding – doing so offers great mental and physical health benefits, cuts down on pollution, and provides cost savings.

I really miss it, now that I'm moving towards my 50.

The scars on my hands and legs remind me of my falls from bicycle. I think I seldom fall from motorbike. Maybe God put the scars there to bring me painful but sweet memories once in a while.

Do you own a bicycle? Try it and enjoy it. You won't regret.

Oh... show me where to get one of these age-old bicycles...Where is my superbike?



Nice bicycles ha!

I have written my second letter, if you don't mind, you can have a look on it.


lemuel said...

its nice to see old bikes, we still have lots of these kinds of bikes in our chinese community, binondo, manila

vhing said...

ok..now I know.ITS U!.Xlinks and follow blog pls.

oh! this is nice ,I remember my first ride..hehehe,like an exhibition men!hahaha.

have a wonderful day!

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