Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Long Is My Little While?

Wonder why it's so difficult to get things done these days.

Feeling rather restless and very unsettled.

There are many things I desire to do in life for the betterment of my family and career.

I plan well and I make a good head start.

And in the process of doing them, I derive great satisfaction and fulfillment.

Then certain problems and difficulties crop up.

I try to study and understand them.

Then rather helplessly I resign and leave them for a while, only to realize that I have never picked them up again.

I admire those who can do everything meticulously and methodically on their own from beginning to end.

I believe they derive great satisfaction and fulfillment too from everything they do.

Their quality life is not only measured by their products but also by the processes they have gone through.

If only I have the gift of patience, persistence and perseverance.

It is a talent well-developed.

It is a skill well-learned.

It is a present from God well received.

Maybe I need more contemplation and less frenetic activities.

Maybe I need to stop and reorganize my life than let life continues to take its course, like the river of no return.

Ah! I don't know just to how and where to start doing.

There are a lot of things to think about.

I need more time to pay more attention to everything I do.

Even little children can do big things by study things in their own small ways.

Of course, some will say, "Don't hurry. Everything will be done in due time."

But it maybe too late for the benefits of the family and everyone.

Maybe I should relate the problems to someone.

There are people out there who have more knowledge and experience than me.

They most probably know how to help.

Maybe certain things cannot be done alone.

I will need helps and cooperation from others.

How about spending sometimes meditating and praying?

It will surely help when we are inspired and motivated to see things clearer and sharper, and to think things through before going ahead.

Maybe life isn't that complex and unfathomable.

A little more time to contemplate, to mix around, and to meditate and pray may help.

Maybe we need just a little rest.

Maybe we just need to leave the things behind for a while and pick them up later.

A little while?

How long is my little while?

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