Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Memories Of Feelings

There are many happenings in our journey of life.

Some we anticipate, but some surprise us.

Some we desire, but some we want to avoid.

But what is to happen will happen.

No matter how hard we try.


There are always the memories and feelings of the past.

There are always the remembrances and thoughts of those people we knew and loved.

And there are always the nostalgia, heartache and emotional moments when the memories of the past events and people come to life again.


Sometimes we get together and have a long talk about our memories.

But sometimes we keep them to ourselves, but always trying hard to remember the details.

Sometimes we just want to forget about them and move on with our lives.


There are those moments of shame and guilt that we want to forget.

There are those moments of triumph and success that we are delighted to share.

There are those moments of joy and happiness that we want to dwell on as they always burst us into laughter and tears.

And there are those moments of nostalgia and longing that we want to recall and remember.


I remember that moment when my late mother mourned for the demise of my father.

I remember her screaming, crying, and yelling for her beloved.

They still haunt me from time to time.


I remember the moment when my mother drew her last breath.

I remember knowing how she hugged my sister-in-law and patted her on the back, thanking her for taking good care of her.

I remember her funeral service and burial.

And our many tears.


Some of us live to a ripe old age, carrying the memories of our family and friends.

We have many stories to tell.

We have many memories to remember.

We have many happiness to share.

And we have many tears to cry.


Oh! Memories of the past.

Memories so full of emotions and meanings.

They are not mere happenings.

They are memories of feelings.

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