Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walking And Dreaming

Walking through a sea of people in a strange place, not many people seems to notice, call or greet one another. Many are busy and preoccupied with their own thinking and doings. Occasionally a cell phone rings and calls them back into reality. Then you can see them standing somewhere, listening and sometimes smiling. And you can hear them talking and laughing, with their unique gestures and facial expressions. When all is done, you will see them continue their thinking and doings again.

Many of us are filling our life with our own things. We do most of our doings and thinking. We are driven by our hopes and dreams. And we are not willing to be slowed or stopped by anyone, including our family, relatives and friends. It may take a while before we are persuaded to have a family outing, do some shopping, have a cup of drink or just sit down to relax and enjoy our lives.

We sometimes tell ourselves that certain things in life just cannot wait for us. We have to act fast to get them before we lose the opportunity. And so we pursue our studies, our career....... relentlessly and tenaciously. Nothing is to stop us! We remind ourselves constantly.

And so we lose the joy of a family life and we neglect our friends. We don't have time for all these. They are not to distract us from chasing after our dreams and goals. Nothing must hinder us! We remind ourselves constantly. Yes, we do relax, watching some movies or TV series, or playing some games. But our work is our priority.

But at the end of the day, when we see our friends enjoying a happy family life, when we see our friends having fruitful times together, and when we see the joy and the love surrounding them. We tend to be envious of them...... if only we know our work is not our priority.

Many of us continue to walk like a walking corpse through the sea of people in a strange place. Life is a drudgery and continues to be a burden.

Deep inside, many are still searching and questioning the meaning of life, the purpose of our beings........ Is life just a walking through the sea of people, fulfilling our dreams? Do we just continue to manipulate others for our ends? How about accountability? Is it there?


rainfield61 said...

Very well written on a very simple fact that was long overlooked.

Kawaii said...

I agree to your article. Worth reading. Good job!