Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Serious In Life

The ceiling fans continued spinning.

The adjacent classes were still making a lot of noise.

There were footsteps of people walking up and down the staircase outside, and students running and walking around.

But no amount of disturbance could distract the students from answering their exam paper.

Many of them looked haggard and tired. They must have sacrificed many hours of personal time to prepare for the exam. But the exam was essential. There is priority in life, and in this case the exam must come first.

Many scribbled the main points on the question papers, listing down in the form of mind maps. Some took a sip of drink, then another sip, trying hard to recall all that they had learned.

It wasn’t easy to answer all the questions well, but they must try. After all, there is nothing really easy in life.

Now that is life. There are times to be carefree; there are times to be serious. It is not nice to be serious when others are celebrating. Equally, it is not appropriate to be jolly and happy when others are serious.

There is always a season for everything. And if we know just what to do every time, life will, and can be more meaningful.

As it is, some of us are still searching for clear direction in our lives.

Yes, we must get serious about our lives.

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* Michael * said...

Yep, I am also searching for clear direction in my life. When it is time to serious, you need to be serious and think about what you need to do in life.