Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now That’s Life

My annual increment falls on 1st January.

But I only received my salary adjustment letter two weeks ago.

I will receive my new salary and the accumulated increments at the end of this month.

It looks like I have many hundreds more to spend, which is good in view of the Gawai Day or Gawai Dayak, a festival celebrated by the Ibans and Bidayuh in Sarawak on 1 June every year.

I smiled as I read the letter.


I remember getting my first paycheck many years ago.

Those were the golden days when I was still a bachelor.

I had spent extravagantly, but I still had much to save.

Now looking at my salary; 6-7 times over.

But I seldom have enough, and some months I am crying for more.


Everything costs money today and everyone just knows how to spend.

We seldom have enough for everyone to spend today; we need more.

And that is the price of growing up; we have to take on heavier responsibilities, and make bigger and tougher decisions.

Some snap under the immense pressure. Some grit their teeth and continue on.

Will there be an easier way to live life?

Some said we first buy what we need and satisfy our wants later.

They called it the theory of human needs and wants.

But different people have different needs and wants; quarrels then begin and continue.

Some run in van and toil in vain all their life; there are always problems and troubles.

Some said if we can be contented with the little we have, we can enjoy our lives.

Now that’s life; it is no bad after all.

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