Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Give A Child A Good Name

In a big family, where the children are living together with their parents and grandparents, things can be difficult and complicated at times.

Supposed you have a big family and you are living with them. Now you have a child. Your grandparents came to you and suggested a good name for the child. Your parents too, and insisted that you use the name they have suggested. Then your spouse, after careful study and consultation also came in with a good name for the child. What would you do?

Sometimes, naming your child can be one of the simplest or hardest decisions in life! It can be a wonderful and exciting experience for both you and your husband. But when it involves a third party, it can be a big headache!

But you and your spouse should have the priority and the right to suggest the first name, since it is your child. Unless your parents or grandparents can suggest a better name, you and your spouse should come out with a good name for your child.

Some parents and grandparents have very bright ideas when it comes to giving a good name for a child. It will be nice if there is a family gathering and discussion on naming the child. Usually it will bright back many sweet memories of the past and everyone will enjoy a good laugh, a good cry, and a good time.

But I would suggest that you and your spouse decide on your child's first name. It may displease your parents or grandparents if the name is too long, too foreign, too common/popular, too similar to one another, too difficult to pronounce, etc. But sooner or later, everyone in the house will get used to it; it will be alright.

Of course, if we lack ideas on naming our children, we should always consult our parents or grandparents. We should even allow a middle name suggested by them if it sounds nice.

So what do you think of this? How would you give a good name for your child?

Any comment or suggestion?

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