Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stay For The Party

You are invited to your friend's party. You dress up nicely and you arrive promptly. Your friend greets you and shake your hand. You have a good talk, and you smile and laugh together.

Then you move into the house and look around. Except for a few familiar faces, everyone there is new to you. The few friends that you saw are not really close to you and you hardly know them. You nod your head, shake some hands, and try your best to communicate with them. But since they already have their own cliques, you can see that they are not that keen to talk to you. And so you slowly move away. You look around and look at some new friends, but you are just too shy to speak to them.

You decide to keep quiet and walk around to get familiar with the place. After that, you go for your food and drink, sit down or stand up in one corner, looking at people talking, joking, and dancing, and enjoying yourself listening to the music and songs.

You feel like leaving the place, but you know that it is still too early to do so. The host is busy waiting at the door; some of the guests have not arrived.

So, what would you do?

For myself, I will stay put, continue to walk around and have more food and drink, and enjoying myself looking at people, or continue to listen to the music and songs.

I will continue to look around, nodding my head and greeting certain people; hopefully, with time and patience, some around will take note of my presence and talk to me. We never really know what will happen in life; sometimes the least expected thing may just happen, and we may meet some new friends in our lives. Life is always filled with unexpected surprises, and the best way to deal with them is to wait until they come along.

And if it happens that I am not going to have luck meeting someone, then I will wait until the party is in full swing, and the host is ready to talk to me. Then I will talk to the host before I bid him or her goodbye. Walking out without saying goodbye is not polite at all.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think we should stay put or just walk out quickly?

Any comment or suggestion?

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