Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lazy To Do

Sometimes, when we are lazy and have no discipline, there are many things that we want to do but are never done. But sometimes, when we feel like doing things and are determined to do them, we can accomplish everything in or before the allocated time.

Many of us are full of complaints and moans and noise. There were times when we told other people that we had so many things to do, and we began to mumble and grumble and made a lot of negative statements. But there were times when we couldn't stop boasting to others about how efficient we were, finishing so many things in a short period of time.

I remembered as a boy I used to grumble and complain about the many homeworks. Yet, amidst crying and screaming, I managed to complete them all; what was supposed to be impossible and insurmountable task was accomplished within the allocated time.

I thought as we grew older and wiser, we would have less complaints and emotional outbursts. Apparently it was not so, as there were more fields and scopes, and more things to complain.

Sometimes I wondered why we mumbled, grumbled and complained so much, when we could just sit down and did them one at a time, and we would be able to accomplish everything in or before the time.

Maybe it would be better if we try to think more positively, feel more positively, and behave more positively. Positive attitudes and emotions can always boost our morale, performance and commitment. Maybe what we need is a little bit more patience and determination to do them. Some would suggest that we learn to love the things we do. Maybe we really need positive attitudes and behaviors; maybe we should take everything as a good enough challenge for a day.

What do you think?


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Grumbling and complaining about things really serves no good purpose. I like Nike's phrase--"Just Do It." Thinking positive is so much more beneficial than grumbling about things.

"Do all things without murmerings and disputings." --Philippians 2:14 said...

Hi Karen!
"Just Do It" - I like that phrase.
And the Bible verse too!