Thursday, February 24, 2011


Finally I was promoted in my profession. After years of waiting and anticipating, I eventually got what I have wanted. For the first time after many months, I was once again seen happy, smiling and laughing away.

I received the official appointment letter from the Education Department. It was handed to me by my principal. I had a good look at it and I was very satisfied, and all my burdens were gone. Now officially I am a qualified Form Six teacher, and there is no more doubt about it. I smiled a hearty smile, feeling rather proud with myself. Then I received congratulation from my friends and colleagues.

Life is like that. We don't usually get what we want, and we have to wait patiently for our turn. But we must never give up; we must volunteer ourselves for the job, and quietly try our very best to improve and better ourselves. We must work hard to receive what we want; we must really care about our work progress and schedules. And of course, we must also seek after our job satisfaction. Remuneration and recognition come later, whether from the public or the relevant authorities.

I have never expected the letter to come. In fact, I was rather frustrated after waiting for so long. I had done my part, fulfilling all the requirement a long time back. And I was disappointed year after year, seeing my friends getting the offer one after another. But it finally came; now it is my turn to smile a hearty smile. All is done and I am satisfied.

Thanks to the Lord God for giving me what I want. Now it will be a new chapter of my life. More to come, more to come.....

... And I am sure, as I rely on Him for all my provisions.

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