Thursday, February 3, 2011

Singing In The Bathroom

Do you sing in the bathroom? I do. In fact, I enjoy singing in the bathroom.

When I was a bachelor, I used to bring my guitar along wherever i went. And when I had a song to play, I would. Family and friends would come near and we would have a good time singing, smiling, and laughing. It was fun and joy when everyone participated and cooperated.

Singing had become so much of me that I began to compose my own songs. I would hummed and sang along whenever I had my first tune. This often happened in the bathroom when I was taking a nice and relaxing bath. It never occurred to me that I would one day became a bathroom singer. LOL

Singing in the bathroom is fun. When I was full of emotions, I would sing with my deep bass voice. And when I was happy, I would pick up a light-hearted tune to sing along. It was very satisfying and rewarding after that.

My family and friends would compliment me for my good voice and my emotions in singing. I always took it positively when people gave me a good comment. It was an encouragement to sing and practice more often and go for competition.

Singing in the bathroom is beautiful with the echoes and vibrations coming from the four walls. It is better than singing in the open or on the stage. Singing in the bathroom gives me more confidence and ideas to face problems in life. And they give me good mood and great attitude.

Some people have a hard time singing in the bathroom. They are scared people would jeer and shout at them. They are worried that people would be unhappy and would criticized them for their hoarse and rough voice. To me, all voices are welcome, as long as you follow the rhythm and sing how most people would normally sing.

I don't like shouting and screaming while singing. To me, that is not singing. We can always sing nicely and sweetly. We may not be professional singers, but we are ready singers who love to sing. And we can do better too with more bathroom singing and karaoke singing.

So the next time you feel like singing, just sing. It doesn't matter where you are. Start by singing softly to yourself and people around you. If they like it, they will flock to you and you will have your audiences. And if you need more practices, try doing it in the bathroom, and be a bathroom singer.

There is no need to be ashamed when you practice singing in a bathroom; in fact, many people do it and are very happy about it.

Go, and sing in your bathroom. LOL

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Namz said...

I totally agree with you bro. I'm not much of a singer but I do play the guitar. Call me a bathroom guitarist lol!

No, seriously I understand what you mean. I have a cousin who also plays the guitar and could sing reasonably well. He has an awesome bathroom, something like 10'x6' and a high ceiling.

It was always kept dry as it was only reserved for guest and his family uses another bathroom in the kitchen.

We always had a blast jamming in there. The reverb was simply sweet lol! Two acoustic guitars, one nylon and the other steel. Oh man those were the days.

He has moved. No more bathroom jams.

So ya, i totally get you. Just sing it. Better make a fool of yourself in your own bathroom than on national TV like some "Contry Idol"

I'd rather die first! said...

Namz, welcome aboard.

A bathroom guitarist. Wow! Great idea.

I love your guest's bathroom. I believe it must be a very nice place to sing with guitars' accompaniment.

Oh yes, we may not be stage singers but we can always be bathroom singers. Cheer!