Thursday, February 10, 2011

ATM Withdrawal

Do you keep your ATM receipt every time you do your transaction? I do, and I do it every time in the ATM room, and I will keep the receipt in my wallet habitually.

Some of us has problems believing in the usage of the ATM. They are afraid that they will lose their money through the ATM. Some called the ATM a 'money eating machine'.

But children love the ATM. They will follow their parents and siblings to the ATM room. They will press the various buttons there. To them, the ATM is a 'money giving machine.' And they know that they will have a treat, some toys or food, etc after they leave the ATM room. LOL

I personally visit the ATM room every weekend to withdraw my family's weekly expenditure. I will normally discuss with my wife the various items to pay and to buy, and we will estimate our actual need. Then I will top up a little for some emergency and various other needs.

Visiting the ATM room during the peak hours is no fun at all. I never like all the pushing, squeezing, and knocking against one another. Though the small room is air-con but you can still smell the cigarette smoke and the pungent perfume in the air.

So normally I will visit the ATM in the evening or very early in the morning when customers are few. I don't like to visit the ATM room at night. I am not sure whether there will be criminals lurking and waiting for me, though I realize that the ATM room is fixed with CCTV.

Some people check their account balance before withdrawing their money from the ATM. I don't. I used to withdraw all I need and then press the receipt button. Then I will counter check with my old receipt from my wallet. I will keep the new receipt but throw away the old receipt into the rubbish basket.

Some of my friends told me not to throw away the receipt. They reminded me to bring it home for accounting purposes. Then, after I am satisfied with the account, I can tear them to pieces or burn them.

I don't know. But I think that is a great idea that I intend to follow. We just cannot trust people fully these days. There are always those who desire to harm and hurt others. It is better to be careful than to be sorry later.

So how would you do when you withdraw money from the ATM?

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Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I've only used the ATM maybe twice--very rarely and never to deposit money, only to withdraw it. Just make sure no one nearby sees the PIN you put in. said...

Thanks Karen. I use the ATM for withdrawal only.
And I am careful not to let others see and know my PIN. I go very near and cover the screen with my big body. LOL