Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Answer Them?

Do you have friends who like to ask questions they already know the answers? For example, they will ask questions like "Do you think this shirt make me look fat?" Or "Look at me, have I gained weight lately?" or "Do you think so and so is attractive?

Some of us have difficulties answering questions like these. We may want to know their intention for asking such questions. Is he or she trying to test our knowledge or intelligence? Is he or she trying to find out how close and understandable we are? Or is he or she trying to show off?

Sometimes, we feel unhappy at people and questions like these. We are tempted to answer something like "I don't know", "I am not so sure", or "I am not an expert in this". Of course, we will try to be careful with our words since we don't want to make the person angry or unhappy by giving them unfavorable responses.

Some of us would just go ahead and answer them with whatever that is in our mind. Sometimes our responses and comments are favorable and supportive; other times it can be very hurting and can lead to more harm.

There are many reasons why people love to ask questions that they already know the answers.

Some of them need reassurance and support; the more supports they can gather, the better they will be in pursuing what they are set to do.

Some of them need honest opinions. They may think they are right and believe that they have done right, but they are not sure; they seek expert opinions.

Of course, there will be some of them who want us to lie for them. I am unhappy with this group because I wouldn't want to lie for people under any circumstance.

Asking questions that have ready answers are common among family, relatives, and friends. When we want to put on our best for some special occasion and event, we would seek people's opinions as to what to wear, how to makeup, how to behave, what to say, etc. And if we have someones who can assist us, it will definitely make life much better and happier.

Do you have friends who always ask you questions that they already know the answers?

What would you normally do?

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shengy said...

i always ask that friends are blunt, but I thank them anyway :) said...

I also love to ask questions like these when I need reassurance and support.

Jimmy Clay said...

Hello,in the United States we have a really funny commercial on this subject the features, Honest Abe - GEICO Commercial. If you are interested, here is a You Tube link to the commercial. said...

Oh thank. It is really nice. hehehe