Saturday, February 11, 2012

Depression Kills

A local lecturer of a higher learning institution was found dead in the kitchen of her home on Wednesday evening (8th February 2012) with a knife lodged in her throat. Police classified the incident as sudden death, since initial investigation didn't indicate any foul play.

The deceased was said to have been suffering from depression over the past few weeks. She had been taken on Monday to see a private doctor, who issued a two-day medical leave. Her husband was then advised to have her evaluated at a mental hospital.

Police retrieved a hand-written note left behind purportedly by her, which said she was stressed.


Depression kills. Let's be on our guard! Let's take a break when we feel tired, bored and disengaged. Let's do other things we love.


Let's interact with friends. Let's read books. Let's climb a slope or hill. Let's go to the beach. Let's watch some movie or TV.

Just take a break.

Stay away from depression

Enjoy your life.


A Mom said...

what a sad story!

samdaddycool said...

Scary... very bad impact