Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gracious and Kind

Some said we should be more gracious and kind.
Now that I'm older and wiser, I can't agree more.
But I think it is good to be gracious and kind every time.
No matter what happens!


When we are younger, life is such a breeze!
We are what we are, we do what we do, and we do so happily.
We don't care what we put into our mouths.
And we don't care what spew out of our mouths.
We don't care what we do and where we go.
And we don't care what gets near us and influences us.
We take thing as it is, and we do thing as we please.


Things change as we grow old.
We devote more times to God's word and prayer.
We become watchful over what we say and do.
We lean to be humble, kind and thankful.
We learn to treasure our loved ones and our friends.
We learn to speak with grace, trying to be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to become angry.
It is wonderful just to watch how people have changed!


But must it be only when we are much older that we become wise?
Does it take so much time to be gracious and kind?
Now that is entirely up to us.
We plan and decide what we want to do with our lives.
And we reap the consequences.

It is easy to be gracious and kind.
Just love your neighbors the way you would love yourselves,
And life will be a breeze.
Oh Yes!

Have a nice day.

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